Eat, Drink & Love

Welcome to Toca; where savory food, pleasurable drinks and a "kick back and enjoy" atmosphere are always on the menu. Toca opened in May 2013 on Unioninkatu, which is a quick 4 minute walk from the shops and sights of downtown Helsinki. 

Make a reservation for dinner which is served Tuesday through Saturday beginning at 17:30. Toca offers an eclectic taste of food and drinks, so have a seat and discover a plate that might just become your favourite.

About the food 

Toca is an unique exploration of food. Gennaro garnered his chef skills by cooking for a variety of high-class restaurants in Europe, as well as by previously operating two restaurants here in Finland. Together with his brother Pietro, they bring Italian, Finnish, and global tastes on the plate by preparing fresh and high-quality ingredients with the utmost care. Everything is cooked with high precision, so you can savour the distinguished and classical flavours of our food.

About the drinks...

Toca's drinks list has an international twist. Elina prides herself on her personal choice of favourites from Italy. Toca's wine list is contemporary and adjusted with an eye to the global trends. As for the variety of drinks, you can find a mix of beers, cocktails and other exceptional beverages.